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  Urban Design Research Institute| 2017
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Library uses different tools, technology & expertise for their improvement in terms of delivering library services. In some of the libraries their practices become the Best Practice in their domain. If LIS professional share such type of Best Practice among the professional, then there will be a chance for improvement of each & every professional. To achieve this objective, we had plan the said event to share and learn the best practices which is adopted in different type of libraries. Many of the young LIS professional who will attend the said event, can implement the best practice at their work place and successfully chase the challenge which they are facing.


10th March, 2018


  1. Presentations of the Resource Persons, aimed at sharing best-practice techniques.
  2. Presentations of the participants (Selected 10 Presentations only)
  3. Buzz Groups, where participants could discuss the presentations and write down questions for the panel discussion.
  4. Panel discussion, where participants had a chance to pose questions to the Resource Persons.


LIS professionals are requested to send their presentation on or before 18th Feb. 2018. 10 Best presentations will be allowed to present in front of the panel.

Guideline for the Presentation

 Presentation should be based on Practical Best Practice in LIS

 7-10 slides can be used

 Time: 7 to 8 min. for presentation Best Presentation will be Awarded.

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