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The Library Resource/Information Center offers the following services:

• Borrowing Privileges:

This service is being provided for the benefit of library user community. The members of the library can borrow books for a period of 4 days. One borrower’s tickets will be issued to students and can borrow two books at a time. Whereas Faculty members can borrow the books from the library and return the same after period of 30 days. The users are requested to return the borrowed books to the library on or before the due date to avoid the penalty of Over Due Charges. Students are requested to obtain the NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the library at the end of the Academic Year.

Users Category No. of Books Issue Period Fine Per Day
 Faculty 30 30 Days NA
 Visiting Faculty 05  15 Days NA 
 Administrative Staff 05  15 Days  NA 
 Students 02  07 Days  Rs.2 

 • Reference Service:

The Library is extending reference services to the users of the library. Most of the reference oriented Text books and General books have been kept in reference and active stack area for reference only by the users of the library.

 • CD-ROM Service:

Users of the Library can avail this facility. They can browse CDs related to their subjects which gives the bibliographical information along with abstracts of journal articles, seminar papers, conference proceedings, book reviews, etc. This facility helps them to collect the entire information about the quantum of literature available related to their topic within short span of time.

 • OPAC Facility:

To provide first hand information about the availability and location of the books, journals and other documents of the library, Online Public Access Catalogue facility is being proposed to extend for the benefit of the user community.

 • Book Exhibition:

The newly acquired books to the library will be displayed in the library for the benefit of the users, so that, every users of the library will came to know the different types of documents that the library has procured every year.

 • Extension Services:

The unique picture of the library is to provide the extension services. The staff of the library will provide suitable help and assistance for the various range of queries made by the users related to their area of study.

 • Scanning Facility : 

A scanner is available in the library to facilitate to take color images for presentation purposes and other academic activities.

 • Newspaper Clipping Service: 

As known in earlier times, provides clients with copies of media content, which is of specific interest to them and subject to changing demand.

 • Current Awareness Services (CAS): 

Current awareness services alert students & faculty’s to recently published literature in their fields of specialization. Library provides this service by distributing photocopied journal tables of contents received in the Library collection and to order copies of articles.

 • Selective Dissemination Service (SDI):

Selective Dissemination of Information makes it possible to alert faculties about new publications or news relative to their fields of interest, enabling them to stay current. The update is carried out by routing the list of most recent books/journals received in the library on a regular basis corresponding to the profile of the faculty instantly, periodically or upon request.

 • Visitors Card:

Visitors are allowed to visit the library in order to make use of the library resources after login in the Visitor Register. Whoever wants to visit the library apart from the regular members are requested to submit their request seeking permission from the Librarian/Head of the Institution to make use of the library resources for a specific period.

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