19th November 2022- Mendeley & Plagiarism for researchers - S.Y. CEM | View
28th September 2022- Pharmacy Practice Session on "MENDELEY: Reference Management Tool for Researchers"- Final Year B.Pharm | View
10th-11th August 2022- Pharmacy Practice Session on "Referencing & Citation Workshop for Beginner's"- Final Year B.Pharm | View
3rd - 4th August 2022- Pharmacy Practice Session4 on "Copyright Vs Plagiarism: Tools & Techniques to Avoid Plagiarism"- Final Year B.Pharm | View
2nd August 2022- Pharmacy Practice Session3 on "Literature Review: Library Resources & Services- Final Year B.Pharm | View
30 July 2022- MENDELEY: Reference Management Tool for Researchers- Second Year CEM | View
27-28 July 2022- Pharmacy Practice Session2 on "Smart Google Search: Tools & Tricks"- Final Year B.Pharm | View
25-26 July 2022- Pharmacy Practice Session1 on Introduction of "Pathways for Successful Research Journey- Final Year B.Pharm | View
21st July 2022- Orientation on "Effective Pathways to Research Journey"- Final Year B.E. Civil - SoET | View
6th June 2022 - How to avoid plagiarism: generate a report - tools and techniques - F.Y.B.E. Students | View
21st May 2022 - Smart Literature Review (Practical Session) - SoET CEM students | View
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16th March 2021 - How to use Turnitin and avoid Plagiarism - Faculty & Researchers | View
29th January 2021 -Open Educational Resources: Academics & Research -SoA T.Y.B.Arch. students | View
22nd January 2021 -GOOGLE Tools & Tricks for Literature Review -SoA T.Y.B.Arch. students | View
16th January 2021 -Literature Review -SoET CEM & Ph.D. students | View
8th January 2021 -Mendeley: A Reference Management Tool & Beyond it -SoET CEM & Ph.D. students | View
6th January 2021 -GOOGLE Tools for Academicians & Researchers -SoET CEM & Ph.D. students | View
5th January 2021 -Open Educational eResources: A Boon for Academicians & Researchers -SoET CEM & Ph.D. students | View
29th August 2020 -Strategies to Enhance Research Visibility -AIKTC Faculty | View
08th August 2020 -Open Educational Resources: Academics & Research -SoP S.Y. to Final Year B.Pharm students | View
07th August 2020 -Open Educational Resources: Academics & Research -SoET BE CE (SHIFT I & II) Students | View
25th July 2020 -Open Educational Resources: Academics & Research -SoET SY to Final Year CO Students | View
30th July 2016- New faculty orientation program - Engineering | View
18th February 2016- Faculty orientation program - Architecture| View
12th September 2014- New faculty orientation program - Architecture| View

About :

To enhance the visibility and circulation of your published material, whether it's a book or a journal, it is recommended to utilize an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). The AIKTC Library offers the provision of an ISBN number for materials published by AIKTC. Typically, we can supply you with an ISBN within one working day, and this service is offered free of charge to the AIKTC fraternity.

Apply now: fill out the request form or contact the team for further queries and information. 

Request Form :

Recent Publications:

  • 22th June 2023 : International Conference Innovative Teaching & Exuberant Learning (iCiTeL)

AIKTC-KRRC offers "Kindle e-book Reader Lending Service" to encourage and support paperless reading. Presently three E-Book Readers, Kindle PaperWhite along with Kindle unlimited eBook package* are available.


Kindle is available for checkout by AIKTC students, faculty and staff with a current library account who sign the Kindle Loan Agreement.

Borrowing Policy :

  • Kindle may be borrowed from the library's circulation desk for 7 days at a time.  It can be renewed continually, until 15 days. It must then be returned to AIKTC Library for the next user.
  •  Kindle can be reserved through the existing library account.
  •  Kindle is available for checkout by AIKTC students, faculty and staff with a current library account who sign the Kindle Loan Agreement.
  •  If you use the audio feature of Kindle books in AIKTC Library, you must wear headphones, so that other users are not disturbed.
  •  None of the content on the Kindle may be erased or copied on to other devices; neither should any new content or files be added to the Kindle.
  •  The users should assess the working condition of Kindle before checkout and upon its return AIKTC Library staff shall ensure that Kindle is functioning correctly.
  •  The user assumes full responsibility for damage to the Kindle due to neglect or loss, and in that case, the user has to replace or pay for the cost of the device/ accessories.
  •  If the Kindle is not returned on time, a fine of Rs.5.00 will be levied per day.
  •  Kindle Should be returned in-person to a AIKTC library staff member at the main Circulation desk
  •  All Kindle users are expected to abide by AIKTC rules and regulations and the current library policies.


Kindle unlimited eBook subscription:

*Kindle Unlimited offers 1 million titles. Users can keep up to ten books at a time.

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