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s a part of its commitment to serving the AIKTCian’s research needs, the Knowledge Resource & Relay Centre (Central Library) offers many opportunities to its clientele’s to learn more about the library and its resources.  Library instruction is offered via classroom instruction, class lectures, individual instruction, and workshops and is completely customizable based on individual needs.


  1. Open Tours – New Students

Open tours are designed to provide new library users with a basic orientation to library facilities and services. An open or general tour typically consists of an introduction to the library's online catalog, an overview of library databases and services.  Ends with Walking tours of the library sections, where they can be shown the library's collections and shelve arrangement.

Open Tours are typically scheduled by the Library staff during the first few weeks of the beginning of the Academic Year.  Open Tours are ideal for students who are new to the library or who are returning to school after an absence and want to refresh themselves on services and location of materials.

What's Typically Included?

  1. Library website overview
  2. WebOPAC
  3. Institutional Repository (Question Papers & Syllabus)
  4. Overview of services & shelve arrangement
  5. General Rules and Regulation

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  1. New Faculty Orientations

When a faculty member joins the AIKTC, the Library tries to make him/her feel as comfortable as possible with our library, resources, and its services. The Library is happy to arrange a personal orientation to the library that places emphasis on the faculty member's area of expertise.  New faculty are provided information on library policies and the numerous services, resources that are available to them.  New Faculty Orientations can be arranged individually or in groups within the Library.  

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  1. Class Lectures 

When class size is prohibitively large as to make an in-library orientation impractical, Library staff provides classroom lectures from Second Year to Final Year Students that provides an overview of library advanced facilities and services.  Library Staffs are usually more involved in this type of presentation and may coordinate the lecture with a Class Coordinator to include subject-specific content and assignments.    

What's Typically Included?

  1. eResources & Remote Access
  2. Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  3. Literature Review
  4. Google Tools & Tricks
  5. Reference Management Tools (Mendeley & Zotero)
  6. Citation: Tool to avoid plagiarism
  7. Plagiarism
  8. How to Explore WebOPAC
  9. Tips on choosing appropriate sources (magazines vs. journals, etc.)
  10. Article Abstract Database
  11. Institutional Repository ...

Class Lectures are typically tailored to class needs and cover research tools specific to the subject being taught. For example, an engineering class orientation would cover such electronic resources, reference sources, and periodicals that are of particular usefulness to engineering majors.  Library Staff welcome faculty suggestions for resources to be included and will work closely with faculty to provide instruction tailored to students' needs.

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